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2015 Date TBA

12th Year


Click here for the 2-4 hour Tahoe Big Blue SPRINT Race


Defined by both the incredible beauty of Lake Tahoe and the towering peaks of the High Sierra, Lake Tahoe is one of the world’s most famous sporting playgrounds. The region has an almost endless variety of spectacular mountain biking trails, adventurous hikes and, of course, waterborne activities on the “Big Blue” - Lake Tahoe - one of the largest, deepest and purest alpine lakes on earth. The Tahoe Big Blue Adventure Race is a celebration of the natural environment of the North Shore, and the perfect climate of “Indian Summer.” September is a favorite month of Tahoe locals... and no wonder: day-time temperatures are in the 80’s with the evenings cooling into the 60’s, the skies are deep blue with only an occasional afternoon thunderstorm rolling through (to help keep the dust down on the trails!) and, best of all, the bustle of the summer tourist season is a distant speck in the rear-view mirror. This is a perfect time for a visit to the Big Blue.


If you need to rent a kayak or paddleboard for this event, click here!



Some of the event course takes place on the National Forest US Department of Agriculture


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