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LAKE TAHOE 24 & 36 HR Adventure Race                                         

California & Nevada, Lake Tahoe USA

August 4th and 5th, 2012



We are excited to announce that this year we have expanded the race from a 24HR format to a 36HR.  Get ready for new course area.   If you would still like to race in the 24HR course, this option will be available.  There will be a point on the course marking the last checkpoint for the 24HR Racers.  24HR racers and 36HR Racers will be scored separately.


Tahoe's backcountry is as beautiful as it is challenging.  The views help motivate racers as they climb up and down Tahoe's rugged terrain.  There will be kayaking, orienteering, trekking and biking.  Because of Lake Tahoe's size and the wind that easily picks up, kayaking on Lake Tahoe is a bit more challenging than kayaking on a regular lake.  The trekking in Tahoe is chalk full of hills and trees, so make sure you have gators and good shoes.  Biking in Tahoe might be one of the highlights of  the race as in the past racers have been able to race on the classic Tahoe Flume Trail and up and around Marlette Lake.  The single track in Tahoe is famous for a reason, and we will do our best to get you on as much of it as we can. For a description of the race from a participant’s perspective click here for a race report put together by Mike Chastain of the Dirty Avocados.


Be ready for an amazing and memorable weekend.


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